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Golf Lawyer - Contractual Matters

Contractual arrangements play a pivotal role in the operation of a golf course and the club house, especially when problems arise, such that the parties to the agreement need to rely upon the legal terms and conditions of the particular contract to resolve the matter.

Shareholder Agreement - the guiding legal document for ownership, which addresses such aspects as rights, powers and restrictions emanating from share ownership, operational guidelines for the business, together with specfications as to the transfer and disposition of corporate shares.

Members Agreement - the contractual arrangement with each golf members who becomes a part of the golf club, together with the rules governing their membership and use of the related facilities.

Executive Agreement - an enhanced version of an employment agreement that deals with the heightened demands and expectations of corporate officers and executives.

Employment Contract - an underappreciated legal document that establishes the expectations of employees, such that those employees have clear guidelines for their work and a precise structure for their termination, if necessary.

Waiver / Liability - given that there is always the potential for legal liability (and lawsuits) when people are engaged in physical activity on another' property and there is substantial money sitting behind that property owner (the golf club).

Tournament Rules - keeping the game of golf honest starts with establishing a clear set of rules and having the means to enforce those rules such that fair play is the number one priority.

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