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Remodelling or otherwise altering an existing golf course is not without its legal challenges and particular work that should be undertaken by a lawyer. Right from the inception of such a process, it is advisable to engage the legal services of a knowledgeable lawyer who can navigate your leadership team through the intricacies associated with undertaking the redesign and redevelopment of an existing golf course.

Golf course redesigns begin with a specific plan as to the anticipated alterations. Such alterations are generally run by the developers and their engineers, so as to determine how the vision can be made into a functional and operational project, such that it properly connects into the existing / remaining elements of the golf course. From a legal perspective this requires that you have appropriate contractual agreements with your contractors and you have the legal support necessary to obtain permits and approvals for the work that needs to be undertaken.

With a legally-vetted plan in place, the parties can proceed with implementing the remodelling work of the golf course. This process also can require the intervention of legal counsel, as issues associated with the re-working of the golf course may demand the assistance of a capable lawyer, whether it is negotiating the resolution of an issue, enforcing a contractual requirement or resolving a dispute through mediation, arbitration or court action.  .

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