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The sales process of a golf course is driven by realizing the best possible return from the disposition of the golf course, with appropriate assurances and securitization being put in place when consummating the deal.

Selling the golf course, whether in its entirety or a division or assets thereof, is rarely a straightforward process that is devoid of legal and associated challenges. Divestitures tend to be full of challenges when the golf course's ownership is seeking to get the best price for what is being sold and orchestrates an exit that limits, if not eliminates, any subsequent legal exposure. As such, it imperative that the appropriate professionals, including legal counsel, are engaged early in the golf course's sale / divestiture process (generally, very well in advance of when the owners of the golf course typically would consider 'bring in' the lawyers - as postponing the lawyer's involvement typically doesn't save money, but results in the ownership losing money).

Optimizing Sale Price - Early engagement of legal counsel, when there is but the consideration of selling the golf course, can be extremely important in optimizing the sale price, where it is possible to identify such opportunities.

Finding the Appropriate Purchaser - Having an attractive golf course for sale is but half the challenge, as there remains the issue of finding the right buyer and having a deal structure that doesn't leave you 'high and dry' when the buyer fails to follow through.

Completing the Deal - Getting to completion can be a challenge, especially when forces out of your control impact the prospect of the transaction closing, and yet these matters need to be effectively dealt with if the objective goal is to be realized.

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