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Golf Lawyer - Major Changes to the Golf Club

Making major changes to a golf course and/or its ownership represents not only a significant business and financial undertaking, but an endeavor that should be directed by experienced legal counsel, given the legal permutations and ramifications associated with such an undertaking. Among the more substantive changes that are undertaken in this realm:

Acquisition - Purchase: Effectively acquiring an existing golf course is a strategic endeavor that needs to be approached so as to realize the optimal results and purchase structure.

Divestiture - Sale: The sales process is driven by realizing the best possible return from the disposition of the golf course, with appropriate assurances and securitization being put in place when consummating the deal.

Partial Interest Sale: Selling a partial interest in a golf club needs to be correctly undertaken and reviewed, such that the integrity and efficiency of the golf course are best served.

Course Development: Launching a new golf course is a particularly grueling and tedious enterprise, although the rewards can be considerable, such that it is important that all angles, including legal, are brought to bear in your favour.

Course Remodelling: Remodelling the golf course and/or renovating the club house represents a major financial undertaking, which is reliant upon the support of the membership and taking the appropriate action on all fronts, including legal.

Financing / Refinancing: Major initiatives require money, making the attainment of the appropriate financing / refinancing terms a key consideration that needs to be legally structured and reviewed.

Investments: Having members and external investors investing in the golf club has its benefits, but as always raises legal considerations for all parties to the investment.

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