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The officers and corporate executives are charged with managing the day-to-day operations of the golf course and implementing the plans determined by the board of directors. With such broader plans being put before them, the executives aim to give operational reality to such a vision, while dealing with the challenges that arise with operating in an uncertain world, where things change and unexpected problems and variance arise. The executives thus need to make things happen such that the golf course operates to the best of their ability, while reporting back to ownership and the board of directors. 

The operations of the golf club have their own unique dynamics, driven in part my the multitude of personalities and roles that the various individuals bring to the table in creating and advancing any particular golf course and its club house. What is often required is the right corporate lawyer to navigate these individuals through their respective roles, such that their diverse personalities and experiences can be optimized to the golf course's benefit, while limiting the friction that is invariably associated with so many successful individuals attempting to influence the choices and direction of the golf club.

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